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Current Exhibitions

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After Giverney

Selena's Garden and its surrounding district come alive through the masterful interplay of colour and texture, reflecting the essence of abstract expressionism.

In her captivating artistic journey, Selena skillfully transforms her surroundings into an array of shapes and textures using vibrant colours, inviting viewers to explore and create their own imagined garden scenes from both distant and close perspectives. Working with acrylics on canvas, she artfully reflects on her time spent in the garden of the master of expressionism, drawing inspiration from Giverny and merging her horticultural training and garden creation expertise in her charming studio nestled in the South East. With her art, this Adelaide girl ventures into the countryside, infusing it with joy and a vivid palette of colors.

1-31 Aug 23

Two Bit Villians
Tue-Thu 11:30am-3pm
Wed-Thu 5:30-8pm
Fri-Sat 11:30am-9pm

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The Nest

Elisabeth DE KOKE, John DE KOKE,
Selena SMITH

Open Studio, Exhibition
Exploring the nest this family of artists invite you to explore their exhibition and open studio.
Inside the old barn/studio is a traditional style exhibition with works that are painted, drawn and photographic interpretations of nests.


Outside, in the garden, there is an installation of created nests from natural foraged and upcycled items where you are invited to walk and explore.


There will be a resident brewers talk on the open studio weekend and Devonshire tea will be on offer during the exhibition and open studio.

1-16 Aug 23
Mon-Sun 10am-4pm
Thyme Cottage Hatherleigh


From His Garden and Mine 

Experience the vivid world of Selena's Garden and the surrounding district as it comes to life through a breathtaking interplay of colour and texture, capturing the very essence of abstract expressionism.

In this captivating artistic odyssey, Selena skillfully molds her surroundings into a symphony of shapes and textures, using an exuberant palette of colors that beckon viewers to immerse themselves in both distant and intimate garden scenes of their own making. Armed with acrylics on canvas, she draws inspiration from her time amidst the lush landscapes of Giverny, a sanctuary for expressionism, and seamlessly merges her expertise in horticulture and garden creation within the walls of her charming studio nestled in the heart of the South East. With her artistry, this Adelaide native embarks on a journey into the countryside, infusing it with vibrancy and a kaleidoscope of colours.

30 Aug - until early Sept


Fri-Sun 10am-3pm

Thurs 10am-3pm

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